Thanks for your interest, read below to learn what is and why you'll want to start using it right away! is a credit based marketing platform with a twist. It combines simple, yet proven advertising methods with incredible income opportunity. This is a PRO only ad site, which means you must first purchase advertising in order to use the system. There are 5 powerful traffic packages available for your promotions. Members must start with the cheapest traffic package and (optional) to order the next one, up to the top. Once you have bought a traffic package you then own it and can resell it to your referrals. You get paid 100% commissions of every sale to your PayPal or Payza account, directly by your downline. This is a member-to-member pay plan with no admin fees and no middle man. You keep 100% of the profit. Please take a look at the traffic packages below to have an idea how much you get paid.

bronze traffic package silver traffic package gold traffic package platinum traffic package infinity traffic package

Fancy advertising on request? With a purchase of INFINITY TRAFFIC PACKAGE you become a VIP member and you can ask for more ads at no extra cost!

As a paid member you gain access to advertising area where you can view ads for credits and exchage those credits for additional advertising such as banners, text ads, full page views and even lifetime banners. When you have purchased all the traffic packages in a row you are eligible to get advertising on request. Which means you can ask for additional free ads at no cost. 

Note: There are no refunds because of the nature of online advertising, plus your sponsor gets paid within 48 hours on your purchases!

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1. What is is a credit based advertising site for members to promote their websites and affiliate links.

Important Note: Credits you earn are exchanged for advertising only, and have no monetary value.

2. What kind of ads can I use?

We offer solo email ads, 468x60 banners, text links, login ads and full page ads.

3. Is this a free website? is a paid only advertising site. You must purchase traffic in order to use it to promote your own ads and/or to resell it.

4. What is the minimum payout?

Minimum payout could be $0 to $20, members choose. 

5. Can I earn money for free here?

No you can't. This site sells internet advertising. Any commissions are being earned as a result of personal reselling of our advertising services. There are no commissions paid for referring someone to the site. Also, there are no other levels you are paid on other than customers you personally referred who make a purchase. This site is here to help our members get traffic to their Internet business. We do not require you to have a website or sell any of our advertising to use our advertising. We do not require you to refer anyone to use our advertising. Members who do not own a website and only promote affiliate programs are welcome to advertise on this site. There are no levels, and this is not an MLM or a Get Rich Quick program. This site sells advertising.

6. How do I get free traffic?

You earn advertising credits every time you visit a member's ad. When you stock up enough credits, you then exchange them for ads you need and set them up for other members to view. You earn credits from daily activity prizes as well (if available).

7. I want more advertising

You can purchase additional advertising packages or single ads.

8. What is your refund policy? has a no-refund policy. You get paid on your direct referrals purchases when they make any purchase of ads or traffic packages.


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